Expert Tips to Give Your Blow-Dry a Professional Finish at Home

Here’s my expert steps to get a professional finish from your blow-drying at home.
  • Ask your stylist for advice on which type of shampoo, conditioner and styling products will get you the same results when styling your hair at home. Plus ask for a demo of how much and how to apply the products.
  • Always rinse shampoo and conditioner out properly. Any excess residue will work against you when trying to get a good blow dry finish.
  • Get advice on the right tools when blow drying. Use a hair dryer with a nozzle that suits you and your hair, same with brushes and sectioning clips.
  • Let your hair “air dry” as long as possible to save your blow-drying time.
  • Have a plan and always section the hair you are drying. This will allow for more control, quicker more even drying.
  • Slow down. Rushing wont dry your hair any quicker but might leave hair your flat or frizzy. Dry each section for as long as it takes and allow it cool slightly, by either holding the brush in the section while it cools or using the “cool” button in your hair dryer to cool the section down before moving on.