Discover How Hair & Beauty Products Can Be Affecting Your Health

You’ve cut out alot of the processed foods, you exercise often and you’re really getting this healthy lifestyle thing sussed!… Then why are are you still not feeling or looking as healthy as you should? Have you thought about what you put ON your body and products you use in your environment?

So your skin. It’s the largest organ of your body and acts as permeable barrier between our environment and our vital organs. It “breathes” for lack of a better word and as it lets toxins out of our body via sweat it also allows things to enter once they come in contact with our skin. So that being said. Are you mindful of what you put ON your body or what you spray in your environment which can be soaked up by your skin? Some such everyday products can be highly toxic and can in turn harm you and weaken your immune system. Admittedly, I didn’t always care about that stuff. I went with the mainstream cheapest, most popular, trusted (haha what a joke) brands. I guess my realization came during pregnancy, the thought of hair dye chemicals entering my bloodstream and therefore my unborn baby’s. And same with toxin loaded shampoos, moisturizers, cleaning products etc…. Also once my baby was born, it’s a no brainer that they are so much smaller and their bodies are so immature that they too soak up everythingand on such little bodies can be so much more harmful! So I researched all my baby wipes, creams, sunscreens, washing powders etc….. Sites like http://www.ewg.org provide information and databases on the ingredients and ratings of a lot of products. And I personally shop online for convience sake for a lot of my beauty, baby and home products at http://www.nourishedlife.com.au as I know and trust this lovely lady only stocks healthy and amazing products – which I’ve found the prices competitve or better to any health food store I shop in. You don’t have to go throwing everything out all once (unless you want to of course) but try as things run out, to replace your old toxic brand with a healthy option. I promise you all of my healthy beauty products work the same or better than my old toxic counterparts and my skin and body and so much healthier for it!!

I would love for healthier beauty & hair products to be the norm, I hope I can inspire you to feel the same 🙂

Good Health is the sum of what you put ON and IN your body……