My Professional Tips to Volumize Fine Hair

  1. Choose the right shampoo for your hair texture. If it’s fine and coloured, use one for fine hair, as coloured hair shampoos can be too heavy.
  2. Always do 2 shampoos. The first one will open up the cuticle and do most of the job, but a second shampoo will really help get rid of any excess dirt and oil and leave your hair squeaky clean and the roots will then have more body.
  3. Only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends. Detangle and rinse. The trick is to rinse until you think the conditioner is out, and then rinse a bit more to really make sure.
  4. Allow your hair to air dry as long as possible. Don’t waste time and energy drying wet hair as your arms and patience will tire by the time you get to the top and front of your blow dry (the most important part).
  5. Use a root-boosting product on the top and crown area of your hair. And remember less product is more on fine hair as it can weigh it down.
  6. Tipping your head upside down and drying your hair in the opposite direction you want it to fall will also help add volume.
  7. Apply a little hairspray to a brush or fingers and smoothing out fly aways helps to keep a natural volumous look without a real weighty, glued into place look.
  8. Stop playing with your hair! Set and forget. The more your run your fingers through your hair to smooth it out or tame your side fringe, the more you stimulate your oil glands to produce oil and hence give a dull, flat look to your hair.