6 Reasons Why I don’t Want You To Box Dye

I know that desperate times call for desperate measures, but here’s some reasons why you should hold off and let your natural hair show through.

1.Chemical load. 

Most box dyes contain heaps of cancer causing ingredients including and not limited to ppd (also a common allergen), ammonia, resorcinol and sulphates. They can be dangerous for your immediate and long term health.

2. No control over the developer strength.

These products generally contain a stronger developer than what can be required to cater for a broad amount of hair types and colours. In a hair salon we can customise the strength of the developer that your hair needs to retain its health, shine, integrity and last of the colour.

3. Can leave a residue build up.

Because of the vast amount of chemicals and a stronger than required developer these products can leave your hair “coated” making it very hard to remove and not allowing moisture or other colours in down the track.

4. Overlapping colour and creating “bands” in the hair.

It’s near impossible to colour your own regrowth and not have any overlapping of product on previous colours. When this happens, it causes weakness to the hair shaft and creates bands of different depths of colour. The more overlapping the more colour build up is on that part of the hair. It can make some spots on the hair uneven and harder to remove the colour there. Blondes will see different shades of blonde through the hair shaft and brunettes eventually can end up with very dark or black looking ends from having too much colour taken thru.

5. Fixing a disaster. Do you understand the colour wheel?

You could end up orange instead of light blonde. Steel grey instead of ash. Green instead of brown… you get my drift.. Some of these results are not always easily fixed in one colour session, especially if your hair is weak and compromised. Be prepared that it may take weeks or multiple visits to a salon to rectify your home colour.

6. You could end up paying a high price for a cheap colour.

A $20 box dye could end up costing hundreds in the long run if any of the above happens. Multiple salon visits and specialised hair products to help restore its health could end up being what you require if any of these things happen.