It’s fair to say that your hair needs as much moisture and care in the winter as it does in the summer, even more so if you tend to go darker with your hair colours as you want them to last and look glossy.

With winter we tend to have hotter showers, indoor heating, chilly winds and excessive heat styling so the moisture can literally get sucked right out of our hair!

Here’s 4 tips to stop you having witchy, wishy-washy coloured hair over the winter season.

Brush your scalp regularly.   

Brushing your hair and scalp, especially before shampooing your hair has a few key benefits. It stimulates blood flow to your scalp which helps keep the area healthy and promote new hair growth. It also stimulates the oil glands in your scalp (hence its best to give a good brush before washing), this frees up any blockages and allows some of your natural oils to go down onto your hair. Brushing also detangles your hair and helps remove any scaling or dandruff from your scalp prior to washing. Be sure to use a comfortable brush that is not too abrasive on your scalp, it shouldn’t hurt. Use a boar bristle brush or a Tangle Teezer for longer, knottier hair types as it won’t break the hair like a comb can. Brushing is best for your hair when it’s dry. Wet hair can overly stretch and break if it’s knotty (it’s best to gently comb when wet).

Check your water temperature

Water temperature can have harsh effects on our hair and skin. Heat generally opens up the cuticle (or outer layer) of the hair shaft, this exposes your hair to weakness and colour fade as the colour can come out when the cuticle is compromised. However, cold water closes it back down to lock in colour, moisture and allow your hair to have strength and shine. Obviously no one loves a freezing cold shower in the middle of winter but do be wary about the amount of hot water you are exposing your hair to also.

As much as summer, your hair needs moisture and protection in winter too.

As I’ve already pointed out, it’s pretty clear that your hair can be just as damaged in the winter as it can in the summer. So moisture is crucial during the cold months too. Hydrating shampoos and conditioners are great, however often not quite enough to suit most hair types, colours and lifestyles. So it goes without saying to include a third step of moisture to your washing regime. This can be either leave-in (quick and convenient) or a wash out (luxurious, self care time) treatment masque. Either way it’ll keep that hard earned colour from fading fast.

Learn how to use heat tools properly.

As we all want ourselves to be warm in the winter, we tend to blow dry our hair more as it takes longer to dry naturally. Be careful that you have heat tools that are in good working order, have temperature control and be sure you know how to use them correctly. Only wash your hair when you need to and allow it to air dry as much as possible. Make sure you don’t leave heat on one section of your hair too long and that you are directing the air down your hair shaft (direct air flow from roots to ends). Also use other heat tools like straighteners and curlers on hair that is 100% dry, otherwise they can singe and burn damp hair and not yield the result you are after. Also using a heat protectant can really help.

Remember, retaining moisture is key to a balanced colour, gloss and manageability. However different hair types have different requirements. We stock a variety of moisture treatments from leave-in to wash out and sprays to creams and oils. 

We always recommend the best products for our clients hair type and lifestyle and will be happy to help you too.