The Difference between a Standard Toner and a Colour Melt Toner at the Salon

Now more than ever our clients are really enjoying their much needed colour services, so I thought I’d share with you the difference between a “standard” and “customised” Colour Melt Toner as this can really transform a look. ⠀

A toner can take a colour from brassy, faded and dry to shiny & healthy. The right to toner can prolong the time between bigger colour services too.⠀

A “standard” toner is great for blondes that like to be bright from roots to ends and have no challenging correcting of colour to do aside from changing the tone or removing some yellow/gold tones throughout the whole colour roots to ends.⠀

A customised “Colour Melt” toner, however, can give you a really personalised look. It can correct different tonal issues down the hair shaft. It can make your colour look “lived in” for a darker root affect and therefore give you more time between colours as it supports a natural grow out and breaks up the harsh regrowth lines. A colour melt can make a faceline “pop” with colour as we can sit a darker shade behind it. ⠀

The difference to you is a few extra dollars and an extra few minutes at the basin (which are comfy massage lounges at Onje btw) but the results can really make you stand out from the crowd!⠀

To find out more call 9341 2104 to book in with one of our experienced team! ⠀