With so much emphasis on living healthy & organic, are you suffering from information overload?

Like me, do you feel a sense of drowning in all the information and hype of healthy living these days?

With so much emphasis on having to be healthy, and if you don’t eat “this” health food, do “that” healthy habit, or “use” that organic product then you are going to end up with all these ghastly chronic health problems…

The information is coming from all angles about every food and product on the market. A lot of it even seems contradictory. And how do you tell which sources are reliable and applicable to you? I mean is it ok just to eat a steak? Or does it have to be grass fed and organic? What about my veggies? Are they devoid of all nutritional value if they aren’t locally sourced and organic? Which organic shampoo is healthy? Are some still toxic? And what does that mean for my health anyway?

So here’s how I cope:

• I live in the present, using the knowledge I have gathered to now and not dwell on my past or future behaviours. As we know from time gone by, what we believe to be correct now can be subject to being flipped on its head in the future (Remember when eating fat was good, and then it was bad and now its considered good again?).

• I choose a couple of good role models and follow their lead and trust their judgement on nutrition or product information. With so much info out there and sometimes confusing and conflicting I like to follow people who make it their mission to do all that digging and finding. Pick people who resonate with you, feel good about their morals and reasoning’s for their views or choices.

• Do my own research. With all the information at our fingertips these days you can find answers to questions in seconds. You can now research all your everyday products and nutritional info to make your most educated decision on what’s right for you.

• Make small changes often. Rather than go all out and totally throw out every possible hair and beauty product you own, maybe do it in smaller, more economical chunks. Research your hair care products and as they run out replace them with what you have found to be a healthier option. Same with makeup, deodorant, perfume etc. Small gradual changes will end up more sustainable in the long run.

• Relax. Don’t stress about what you don’t know about. Remember you are exactly where you need to be, knowing what you need to know right now. Taking a relaxed approach is so much better for your health and well-being.

If you feel this way, you are not alone as I too struggle with doing, eating and using all the healthiest least toxic products for our environment and myself too. It’s ok, as long as we are committed to being the best versions of ourselves we can be and always be a willing student of life. We should then relax and trust our journey.