How to create a faux bob without the CHOP!

Do you sometimes feel like a change without it being permanent? Like a fringe for a day or cutting your long hair short for a night out?

I’ve got some good news for you then!

Here’s the low down on “the Fob”. It’s basically pinning or hiding the length of the hair to create a bob look.

According to celebrity stylist Bryce Scarlett, he creates the look using a partial wig…. Don’t get me wrong, it looks flawless but it’s a very expensive option, so here’s my “HOW TO” using your own hair.

P.S- This tutorial only works on layered hairstyles to give a more natural look.

1. Make sure your hair is clean, dry and tangle free to start.

2. Take a horizontal section of hair (from ear to ear and) through the middle of the occipital bone.

3. Clip all the hair above that section out of the way.
Begin braiding the lower section in a sideways action, from ear to ear and plait the rest of the length of hair. Wrap the remaining length around the braid like a coil and securely pin it.

4. Let down the top section. If your hair is quite layered, you’ll have shorter looking hair already!

5. Pick your favourite parting and styling products and go about sectioning the remaining hair in order to curl and style.

6. Using ghd’s or a curling wand or tongs, create waves or curls in hair.

7. Set the style in place. The braid at the nape of the neck had gotten rid of your longest length of hair. Lift up and pin any extra long hairs that hang down, basically creating a uniform length of curl across the baseline of your hair style.