The Difference between a Standard Toner and a Colour Melt Toner at the Salon

Now more than ever our clients are really enjoying their much needed colour services, so I thought I’d share with you the difference between a “standard” and “customised” Colour Melt Toner as this can really transform a look. ⠀ A toner can take a colour from brassy, faded and dry to shiny & healthy. The […]


It’s fair to say that your hair needs as much moisture and care in the winter as it does in the summer, even more so if you tend to go darker with your hair colours as you want them to last and look glossy. With winter we tend to have hotter showers, indoor heating, chilly […]

6 Reasons Why I don’t Want You To Box Dye

I know that desperate times call for desperate measures, but here’s some reasons why you should hold off and let your natural hair show through. 1.Chemical load.  Most box dyes contain heaps of cancer causing ingredients including and not limited to ppd (also a common allergen), ammonia, resorcinol and sulphates. They can be dangerous for your […]

Top 5 Tips To Shiny Hair This Summer

Take Cooler Showers. Now the sun is warming us up, you can turn your water temp down. Cooler water will slow down colour fade and helps look after the cuticle (outer) layer of your hair shaft which is the protective layer of your hair. When healthy, it gives you loads of shine and less tangles. […]

Expert Tips to Give Your Blow-Dry a Professional Finish at Home

Here’s my expert steps to get a professional finish from your blow-drying at home. Ask your stylist for advice on which type of shampoo, conditioner and styling products will get you the same results when styling your hair at home. Plus ask for a demo of how much and how to apply the products. Always […]

Discover How Hair & Beauty Products Can Be Affecting Your Health

You’ve cut out alot of the processed foods, you exercise often and you’re really getting this healthy lifestyle thing sussed!… Then why are are you still not feeling or looking as healthy as you should? Have you thought about what you put ON your body and products you use in your environment? So your skin. It’s the largest organ of […]

My Professional Tips to Volumize Fine Hair

Choose the right shampoo for your hair texture. If it’s fine and coloured, use one for fine hair, as coloured hair shampoos can be too heavy. Always do 2 shampoos. The first one will open up the cuticle and do most of the job, but a second shampoo will really help get rid of any excess […]

6 reasons why you should switch to professional organic colours.

Are you wondering if organic hair dyes actually work? If they are over priced and under deliver? Aren’t they a bit “woo woo”, made of vegetable dye and couldn’t possibly lighten your hair to a pale blonde? After speaking with clients, friends and ladies in general about hair colouring and hair products, you wouldn’t be […]

How to create a faux bob without the CHOP!

Do you sometimes feel like a change without it being permanent? Like a fringe for a day or cutting your long hair short for a night out? I’ve got some good news for you then! Here’s the low down on “the Fob”. It’s basically pinning or hiding the length of the hair to create a […]

The truth about mermaid, pastel, unicorn coloured hair.

Thinking of adding some colour to your life? Here are the facts you need to know before embarking on this type of hair colour. 1. A clean canvas is required. To get the cleanest, most vibrant of colours a light (or clean light blonde) is a pre-requisite. If your hair is dark or coloured a […]